2007-11-05 Big Rigs and Blue Lights

Swing Transport – Big Rigs & Blue Lights

Beware if you’re traveling I-85 between Charlotte and Greensboro.  The passenger with Swing Transport”s Roger Steadman is not a trainee.  He’s a trooper with the North Carolina Highway Patrol. 

LeaveRoomForTrucksSwing is participating in the TACT initiative taking place in North Carolina.  TACT stands for “Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks.  A State Trooper is riding with Roger with a video camera mounted to the window.  If someone cuts in too closely or follows too closely the patrolman radios ahead to other patrolmen who makes the stop.  TACT has been credited for rapid improvement in driving habits along the I-85 corridor.

When asked Roger expressed his gratitude for the Trooper’s efforts.  “Drivers cutting you off or following too closely happens daily.  We try to keep 6 or 7 seconds between our rig and the driver in front of us.  We need twice the time and space to stop.  Programs like this will prevent accidents.  I’m glad to be part of it.”

Wayne Whitley, Director of Safety with Swing Transport and the liaison between Swing Transport, the Troopers and the North Carolina Trucking Association stated  “The employees of Swing Transport are proud to participate in a program that obviously will prevent accidents and save lives.” 

Dan Summitt, President of Swing added “Roger and Wayne are typical of our employees.  All of us want to be an asset to the communities in which we operate.  Safety is a top concern for all of us.”




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