Swing Transport Employee Bulletin – Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing Contribution

nesteggThose of you that have met the requirements may have received a letter from Mass Mutual.  It contains information regarding your Profit Sharing and Swing Transport’s contribution.

Although profits for 2013 were not what we hoped, the Board of Directors elected to contribute $50,000 to the Plan.

Our goal each year is to contribute to Profit Sharing but that has not always been possible.

We ask that each of you be safe in all your endeavors.  Insurance claims (both liability and worker’s comp) impede our ability to contribute to Profit Sharing.  Without adequate profits our efforts to increase your retirement income is hamstrung.

Limit idling and unnecessary miles.  Increased fuel prices have placed a burden on all trucking companies.

We are expecting a much better 2014.  If we are successful all of us will benefit.

Also, our 401k is a great way to save for your future and your contribution is tax deferred.

If you have any questions regarding your Profit Sharing or 401k please direct them to Linda Burkhart at our Salisbury location.